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2017-2018 Executive Council

Posted on June 10th, 2017 by Lexi Vencill


Every spring during Technosphere, the Virginia TSA state leadership conference, new state officers are elected and sworn into office with Regional Presidents who, with their advisors, comprise the Virginia TSA Executive Council.

In total, the council includes nine state officers and six regional presidents who represent each of Virginia TSA’s six regions.

During Technosphere 2017, high school and middle school aged members campaigned to represent Virginia TSA as a member of the council. The campaign process this year included a speech given by the candidates to the delegation during the Opening Session and a day of campaigning to the membership. All of the candidates for office this year presented Virginia TSA with incredible ideas for new initiatives to challenge, expand, and improve Virginia TSA, some of which included a TSA Yearbook, leadership workshops, and increased digital communication.

Virginia TSA state officers are President Devan Patel  , Vice President Tyler Stein, Secretary Evan Sooklal, Treasurer Jasper Leidig, Reporter Archita Kadam, Parliamentarian Nidhi Desai, Sergeant at Arms Jenna Benzing, Historian Hansika Shah and Immediate Past President Jessica Strait.

Additiionally, Regional Presidents are a component of the Executive council and include Northern Region President Mithra Dhinakaran, South Central Region President Maggie Dube , Southwestern Region President Victoria Compton, Tidewater Region President Sydney Fletcher, Blue Ridge Region President Unmesha Vullikanti and Valley Region President Nick Stockner.

Be looking for the First Virginia Scene in August for the officer’s personal biographies and goals for the 2017-2018 term of office of the Virginia TSA Executive Council.

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