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DSC_3235_WEBThe Virginia TSA’s officer team includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Reporter, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant-at-Arms. Each officer is elected annually at Technosphere and serves for one school year. The President from the previous year serves as Immediate-Past President.

Officer Advisor
President Devan Patel Ms. Jennifer Tolley
Vice President Tyler Stein Ms. Meghan Tolliver
Secretary Evan Sooklal Ms. Meghan Tolliver
Treasurer Jasper Leidig Ms. Meghan Tolliver
Sergeant-at-Arms Jenna Benzing Mrs. Maura Stout
Reporter Archita Kadam Mr. Kenaz Greene
Historian Hansika Shah Mr. Kenaz Greene
Parliamentarian Nidhi Desai Mr. Kenaz Greene
Blue Ridge Regional President Unmesha Vullikanti TBD
Northern Regional President Mithra Dhinakaran Michael Piccione
South Central Regional President Maggie Dube Mrs. Jennifer Tolley
Southwestern Regional President Victoria Compton Ms. Meghan Tolliver
Tidewater Regional President Sydney Fletcher Mr. Jeff Puckett
Valley Regional President Nick Stockner Mr. Jerry Ridgeway
Immediate Past President/National Vice President Jessica Strait Ms. Meghan Tolliver
 National President  Aala Nasir  Ms. Jennifer Tolley

Executive Council Documents

Each year, the Virginia TSA Executive Council develops several a Program of Work and a Program of Activities to guide action for the ensuing year. The Program of Work is a complete listing of each officer and committees goals and plans for the year. The Program of Activities is a complete plan of events and tasks, including the officer or group by which they must be completed. Both documents are made available via our website.

Virginia TSA Officer Handbook                                                       2017-18PlanOfWork

Virginia TSA Executive Council Handbook

2016.17 Annual Report

Advisory Council

The Virginia TSA Advisory Council is composed of the chapter advisors of all student members of the Executive Council, the State Advisor, and other DOE (Department of Education) Technology Education Specialists. The Advisory Council provides invaluable support and guidance to the student leaders on the Executive Council.

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