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Annual Business Meetings

Business of the Virginia TSA is handled at the Virginia TSA’s Annual Business Meeting, an assembly of two delegates per chapter at the State Leadership Conference, Technosphere. For more information, consult the Virginia TSA Constitution and Bylaws.

State Officers

The Virginia TSA’s officer team includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Reporter, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant-at-Arms. Each officer is elected annually at Technosphere and serves for one school year, with the exception of the President. The President effectively serves for two years, serving as Immediate-Past President in the year after his or her elected term.

State Committees

The Virginia TSA has a number of committees which meet via conference or video call to discuss complex problems, develop resources, and execute the work of the Executive Council. Committees are chaired by members of the Executive Council. Chairpersons prepare and submit reports of the committees activities at each Executive Council Meeting.

Committee membership for several committees are opened to the membership each year, and non-executive council committee members make valuable contributions to the Virginia TSA every year. Members interested in contributing are encouraged to contact the Executive Council or their Regional President for more information.

Executive Council Meetings

The Virginia TSA Executive Council meets quarterly, each time in a different area of the state. The Executive Council’s meeting schedule is included in the Calendar of Events.

Often, Executive Council meetings are held in conjunction with local and regional TSA events, hosted by local chapters. Meetings are not public, but Executive Council Meeting Minutes can be found online.

The first Executive Council meeting of each year is held at the New Officer’s Workshop (NOW), a Friday to Sunday meeting in late May or early June, following Technosphere and preceding the National TSA Conference. The dates and locations for the following meetings are set at the NOW and made available in the Calendar of Events.

Advisory Council

The Virginia TSA Advisory Council is composed of the chapter advisors of all student members of the Executive Council, the State Advisor, and other DOE (Department of Education) Technology Education Specialists. The Advisory Council provides invaluable support and guidance to the student leaders on the Executive Council.

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