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Prepared Presentation topic:  The Future is Yours

Tidewater Regional Fair Program 2020

Tidewater-2020-Regional-Fair Registration Packet

Parking Information:

  • No busses are to enter St. Clare Walker’s main entrance off Route 33, General Puller Highway, cars only.
  • Busses are to park in the bus loop off of Philpot Road, adjacent to the school.
  • There is overflow car parking on Philpot Road

Concessions Information:

Fundraising Information – Students should bring extra money if they are interested in participation in any of the following.:

  • All proceeds go towards TSA’s national service project, supporting the American Cancer Society.
  • a game room for a small fee
  • a movie room for a small fee
  • a gift basket raffle, t-shirts for sale, and water bottles for sale

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