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Leadership and Competitive Events

Competitive Events Viewing

Members, advisors, and guests are invited to view competitive entries including binders, models, and presentations during the competition viewing on Saturday evening of Technosphere. Some competitions such as Prepared Presentation, Dragster Design, and Transportation Modeling also allow guests, advisors, and other members to attend the competition. For more information on competitions which allow general viewing, please visit the TSA Competitive Events Guide.

Officer Campaigning

Candidates for office on the Virginia Executive Council will campaign throughout the conference; the campaign process at the conference includes a speech given to the general assembly at the Opening Session and booth campaigning during Saturday of the conference. Voting delegates, members, and advisors may meet and discuss with candidates and voting delegates will elect their representative for the Virginia TSA Executive Council.

Interested in becoming a state officer?

Check out the information on running for office in Virginia TSA and apply to become an officer candidate.

Vex Robotics

The TSA VEX Competition will be held at this year’s Technosphere for registered Virginia teams. Viewing of the VEX robotics competition is open to viewing by all members, advisors, and guests of the conference.

Special Events

State Service Project: Relay for Life

Virginia TSA partners with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life project as our state service project. During the Technosphere Conference, the Virginia TSA will host a ceremony to raise awareness for the organization.

Alumni and Graduating Seniors Reception

Alumni members at the conference and graduating seniors will be recognized at the Alumni and Graduating Seniors Reception during the conference. The reception will give members a chance to celebrate their accomplishments as a member of TSA and network with members of the alumni association to learn about the opportunities available to alumni members through the TSA.

Graduating? Interested in becoming an alumni member?

Read the latest issue of the Virginia Alumni Newsletter to find out how to become a member of the Technology Education Alumni Association of Virginia.


The Virginia TSA mixer is an annual event which gives members an opportunity to celebrate the year in TSA, to network with one another, and to commemorate their Virginia TSA experience.

Interest Sessions

Past interest sessions during the Technosphere Conference in Virginia TSA have included presentations by our sponsors, leadership workshops, competition readiness sessions, and academic sessions designed to enrich the experience of members and educators who attend the conference. Please check back when the conference program is posted for more information about scheduled interest sessions for Technosphere 2013.

General Sessions

Opening Session

The Virginia TSA Technosphere conference opens with the Opening General Session at which members, advisors, and guests are welcomed to the conference by the Virginia TSA Executive Council and in an address by the Virginia TSA President. The delegation will have the opportunity to hear candidate speeches from members running for leadership positions in Virginia TSA and to hear a keynote address for the conference. Selected awards are also presented at this Opening Session.

Business Meeting

The Business Meeting of Technosphere is characterized by presentation of any resolutions or official business matters of the delegation. The annual budget, officer reports, and previous meeting’s minutes are read and approved by a majority vote of the voting delegates present. This meeting is a great opportunity to introduce chapters to the meeting procedures outlined by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony takes place on the last morning of the conference and is an opportunity to recognize the hard work of members, advisors, and parents in achieving success at Technosphere. Competition awards are presented as well as chapter and county awards. At this ceremony, individuals in Virginia TSA who have achieved the Silver Award as part of TSA’s non-competitive achievement program are also recognized.

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