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The Technology Student Association is a student-led organization, with student leadership opportunities at the school, regional, state, and national levels. All student leaders are elected by the membership at regional, state, and national conferences, respectively.

Students are instructed and guided by Advisors. School chapters are generally advised by a technology education teacher. At the regional and state levels, the leadership teams are advised by the school chapter advisor of the President. National officers are advised by National Staff.

The Virginia Association of the Technology Student Association is led by the Virginia TSA Executive Council, a board of all State Officers, the President of each Virginia TSA region, and the Immediate-Past President- the previous year’s Virginia TSA President. The Chapter Advisors of each of these officers and the State Advisor compose the Virginia TSA Advisory Council. Members of the Advisory Council and any members currently serving as National Officers also serve on the Executive Council in an ex-officio capacity (nonvoting).

The day-to-day coordination and direction of Virginia TSA activities are managed by the State Advisor, a permanent staff member appointed and employed by the Technology Education Service.

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